We must operate under different rules than our usual ways of doing business during this pandemic. These measures are taken to protect the safety of guests and employees. If we and you do not adhere to these safety procedures we may be forced to close or the virus may spread further. These safety precautions will be reviewed and modified weekly as conditions change. We all are looking forward to returning to something closer to the normal drive-in experience.

We strongly encourage credit card and contactless payment transactions with our gloved and masked staff at the ticket booth. We will cap attendance at 50% capacity. Bring a portable radio or listen using your car audio system. Purchasing a food and beverage permit for $5 will allow you to bring stuff from home.

Vehicles are instructed to park exactly in the middle of adjacent poles which should provide 12 feet between cars. Everyone should view movies from inside the vehicle (in seats, through an open hatchback, or from a pickup truck bed). We will however allow 2 lawn chairs you provide, directly between your vehicle and the screen. Outside the vehicle, masks must be worn. Movement outside the vehicle should be limited to travel to restrooms and snack bar, always with masks worn. Playground will be closed.

We ask that you limit restrooms use and if you’re not wearing a mask you will not be allowed entry by our attendant. Every other stall and sink is blocked from use and all must WASH HANDS. There will be frequent sanitation.

We allow restricted entry into our concession building where staff are walled off from guests and strict social distancing will be required. As possible, only one person of a party should pick-up food orders. Again, masks must be worn by all. We have a ZERO GARBAGE policy for now. You must discard trash directly into the dumpster or box office trash corral or bring it home with you.

Please help us keep everyone safe. Have a great time, everyone!